Available to Preorder Now!

Available to Preorder Now!

May 30, 2020

Adeptus Mechanicus have got their Psychic Awakening now and alongside it a whole mantra of miniatures! Taking to the skys you have the new Archaeopter which can be made in to three different varients and like the angels on their wings Pteraxii are joing the fight.

But not only are they now dominating the skies they also have some new ground units The Serbreys! Swift and fast they will able to cut up the enemy on the battlefield crushing them at at their weakest points (They also look pretty cool!).

Last but not least a new commander to rule over the battlefield Tech-Priest Manipulus.

So if your looking to start a new army or improve your force check out the preorder page and grab your new Adeptus Mechanicus units today!