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Industrial Set

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Painted and assembled. Resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box. Terrain scale is suitable for Warhammer 40 000, Age Of Sigmar, Kill Team, Necromunda, Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing and other board games and tabletop war games.

- very solid resin based material
- highly detailed
- painted and assembled

- 1x main building. Dimensions in cm 31,5x20x10 and in inches 12.4x8x4
- 4x power generators. Dimensions in cm 16x16x7 and in inches 6x6x3
- 4x containers. Dimensions in cm 19x9x9 and in inches 7x3x3
- 2x pipes. Dimensions in cm 16x7x7 and in inches 6x3x3
- 12x ammox box. Dimensions in cm 3x3x3 and in inches 1x1x1