Outpost 31 Table Hire Booking Terms and Conditions.


The Outpost 31 gaming table can be booked online via our website.

The process is easy:

  1. Arrange a time and date with your opponent.
  2. You will only be able to create your own booking your opponent will have to create their booking for the same date using the online booking system. Due to COVID-19 guidelines bookings are limited to 1 a day (5 hours) for a maximum of 2 players.
  3. Only the players who made the booking should attend the venue.
  4. Costs: The Outpost 31 Games gaming table is primarily for the use of our customers.  You can book the table using customer loyalty points accumulated by placing orders with us. 
  5. A days table hire (5 hours) will cost our customers 25 Loyalty Points per person. Simply generate a Redeem Against Table Hire Code and apply this at checkout during the booking process.  If you do not shop with Outpost 31 Games the table can be hired for £10 per person per day (5 hours). 
  6. Priority will be given to bookings made using loyalty points.
  7. Table bookings must be made by individuals from their own customer accounts either using their own loyalty points or by paying the table hire fee.
  8. In order for your opponent to book a game they will have to create a customer account and then place an order to generate loyalty points or pay the £10 fee using that account they will also have to provide full contact details during this process to allow us to contact them should we need to under COVID-19 guidelines.
  9. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the contact details are valid and up to date within their Outpost 31 Games customer account. Outpost 31 Games staff reserve the right to ask the customer to produce valid proof of address on attending the venue or prior to the customers visit.
  10. Table bookings are non-refundable however a booking can be rescheduled to a maximum of 3 reschedules permitted after which your booking will be cancelled and any points and or fees lost.
  11. On completion of the booking process at checkout the customer agrees and accepts the Outpost 31 Table Hire Booking Terms and Conditions.

Please read the requirements below if you are unable to meet any of these requirements please reschedule your booking:

  • If you or anyone you have been in contact with has or is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 do not attend your booking.
  • Only the individuals playing the game should attend the store. Please arrange to meet friends or family offsite either during a break in your games or after the game is finished.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided please be attentive and use on entry to the store and during your game as required.
  • Suitable face coverings must always be worn. Players must provide their own.
  • Players must always observe the 1 Metre Social Distancing guidelines.
  • Players must bring everything required to play their game. Access to the stores Rulebooks, Tape Measures, Dice will not be available.
  • Scenery and battle boards are provided with table hire however due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to provide access to any of the stores boxed games this includes:

Blood Bowl Sets

Warhammer Underworld Sets

Card sets of any description

Players are welcome to book the table to play their favourite boxed game but must bring everything they require to play.

  • Players are asked not to touch each other’s miniatures, tape measure, rulebooks or other items wherever possible.
  • Players may bring their own drinks (non-alcoholic) but must also bring a suitable carrier bag to store and take their empty cans, bottles etc… offsite after their game.
  • Food and drink is not permitted to be brought into the store we do provide a small menu of food and drink that can be purchased during your game.
  • Toilets will be provided for customers who are using the table however we would always ask that strict personal hygiene is to be observed.
  • Outpost 31 is a smoke free zone Smoking is not permitted anywhere on site.  If you need to smoke there are two public bins at each end of the street please use these locations.
  • Dogs are not permitted onsite.