Agent of the Throne: Ashes and Oaths (CD)

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An Inquisition audio drama

When a mission goes badly wrong, Inquisitorial agent Ianthe and her associates are forced into an alliance with a dangerous and unscrupulous figure that could have dire consequences for them all…

It's the third act in John French's award-winning audio drama series, and it sees Ianthe make her most difficult decisions yet, in the name of her mission, and her Inquisitorial masters.

Subterfuge and compromise walk hand-in-hand for an agent of the Throne. On the blighted world of Dustcorn, an assault on an Inquisitorial target goes badly awry forcing Ianthe and her associates into a pact with an unscrupulous ally, the mysterious Zand. With her mission in tatters, Ianthe has little choice but to agree to Zand’s terms, the assassination of a perfidious traitor. But nothing is simple where Zand is concerned and Ianthe soon finds herself in a situation that will have far-reaching consequences for her and her team.

Written by John French