German Grenadiers plastic box set

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The German soldier was a formidable opponent in World War II. Tough, well-trained and politically
indoctrinated they fought on all fronts achieving great feats of arms that only the best trained and
motivated troops can accomplish. Daring in attack and stubborn in defence the average German
Landser was a dangerous foe for the Allied armies to face.
Well led from the highest command right through to the infantry squad, the German soldier fought
on against overwhelming odds right to the last days of the war, delivering punishing counterattacks
when least expected.
These superbly sculpted plastic miniatures allow you to field squads of German landsers dressed
in late war M44 tunics, camouflage zeltbahn poncho, etc. They can be equipped with a wide variety of some of the best weaponry available to any army of the war - from the deadly STG44
assault rifle to the tankbusting panzerfaust!
German Grenadiers contains:

Enough plastic components to make 30 late war German Army miniatures. Includes a host of
options to allow for different weapon configurations and command models.

Equipment included: STG44 assault rifle, PPSh SMG, Kar 98K rifle, MG42 light machine gun,
rifle grenade attachment, MP40 sub-machine gun,Kar 98K rifle, Gewehr 43 rifle, stick
grenades, Panzerfaust, field glasses and even an Iron Cross medal!
Round plastic bases (25mm diameter).
Construction leaflet.
Full-colour waterslide decals.