Kal Jerico: Sinner's Bounty (Paperback)

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Kal Jerico is back! Delve into the underhive with the most outrageous (and lucky) bounty hunter on Necromunda, as he fends off all the threats Hive Primus has to offer.

The underhive's most infamous rogue is back in action, bringing his trademark swagger – and deadly skills – to a new job. Kal Jerico returns to Hive Primus, chasing his biggest bounty yet: the maniacal preacher from the Crusade of the Red Redemption, Desolation Zoon, racing downhive in a mining hauler bristling with stolen Guilder weaponry… But with a prize like this at stake, every other Venator worth the name will be hunting down the Redemptionist. Can Kal claim Zoon’s head, or will he find a rival’s knife in his back?

Written by Josh Reynolds